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Welcome to the website of the New Technological Art Award (NTAA), an international art competition of the Liedts-Meesen Foundation which is part of the biennial update of Zebrastraat. The exhibition update_6 / NTAA 2016 will take place from November 5th to December 4th, 2016 at Zebrastraat Ghent and the Centre for Fine Arts Brussels, Belgium.

In reply to the call for projects for our international contest New Technological Art Award 2016, 487 candidates representing 59 nationalities worldwide have registered.

The selected projects for update_6 / NTAA 2016 are:
- 1024 architecture – François Wunschel, Jason Cook, Pier Schneider (FR) ‘WALKING Cube’
- Assocreation / Daylight Media Lab (AT/TH) ‘Solar Pink Pong’
- Alessio Chierico (IT) ‘Trāṭaka’
- CREW_Eric Joris (BE) ‘Collateral Rooms’
- Michiel De Cleene (BE) ‘Reference Guide’
- Dries Depoorter (BE) ‘Sheriff Software’
- Verena Friedrich (DE) ‘THE LONG NOW’
- Julien Grossmann (FR) ‘Breakaway Songs’
- Elias Heuninck (BE) ‘Lightkeeping’
- Michael Kugler (US) & Sebastian Wolf (DE) ‘Brume’
- Marc Lee (CH) ‘Pic-me’
- Michael Mandiberg (US) ‘Print Wikipedia’
- Quadrature – Jan Bernstein, Juliane Götz, Sebastian Neitsch (DE) ‘Satelliten’
- Theresa Schubert (DE) ‘Growing Geometries (Tattooing Mushrooms)’
- Karina Smigla-Bobinski (DE) ‘SIMULACRA’
- Maja Smrekar (SI) ‘K-9_topology: ECCE CANIS’
- Stanza (UK) ‘The Reader’
- Bill Vorn & Louis-Philippe Demers (CA) ‘Inferno’
- Lien-Cheng Wang (TW) ‘Regeneration Movement’

Work in dialogue: 'IVY2.0' by Tom Dekyvere

The 19 nominated works were selected by an international jury: Head of the jury Martin Honzik (Head of Department Prix/Festival Ars Electronica) together with Peter Weibel (Director, ZKM Karlsruhe), Jean-Marie Dallet (Artist, research professor at the Université Paris 8), Liedts-Meesen Foundation, Stef Van Bellingen (Consultant for Zebrastraat – Artistic leader of WARP), Paul Dujardin (CEO & Artistic Director BOZAR), Nick Ervinck (Artist, winner of the update_2 public award), Alain Thibault (Artistic Director of Elektra), Edwin Carels (Curator New Media exhibitions), Karen Helmerson (Program Director for Electronic Media, Film & Visual Art at the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA)) and Ralph Dum (Scientific officer and senior expert of the European Commission).

The nominees will compete for the prize of the jury (€ 5000), the prize of the public (exhibition in an European museum) and a prize in collaboration with the STARTS-programme of the European Commission (residence in an industrial enterprise / research centre).


During the last few years, Zebrastraat Ghent has developed into a stimulating knowledge centre with a strong interest in contemporary art. Every two years, update / New Technological Art Award (NTAA) tries to fill a gap in the mainstream art world by paying attention to the technological developments which impel our global culture.

NTAA selects and presents creations in which culture-forming technology plays a central role. Whether low or high tech, or intuitive or experimental, these creations always make us attentive to the innovative trends of our times. The exhibition of achievements of the selected winners is a compass that orients you to the relevant and innovative use of technology in the artistic sector.


During the same period as update_6, Zebrastraat shows work of the South-Korean artist Lee Lee Nam. His works are located at the intersection of tradition and modernity, humanity and nature, East and West, analog and digital, originality and duplication and of neoliberalism and digital technology. Often referring to art history, he creates a dialogue between different traditional and modern media technologies and their cultural history. He lifts the barrier between diverse cultures and periods of time and questions the habits of perception and handling with art.

A catalogue will be published of the biennial update_6 and of the exhibition of Lee Lee Nam.

Two artworks of update_6 / NTAA will be shown at BOZAR - Centre for Fine Arts Brussels
Ravensteinstraat 23 – 1000 Brussels
Tuesday — Sunday: 10:00 — 18:00 / Thursday: 10:00 — 21:00

Opening hours Zebrastraat (Zebrastraat 32/001 – 9000 Ghent):
Wednesday – Sunday: 14:00 – 18:00

Opening hours Sint-Jacobskerk (Bij Sint-Jacobs – 9000 Ghent)
Wednesday – Saturday: 14:00 – 18:00


Public Award

Of the 3,000 visitors, 384 cast a valid vote. The following five artists received 20 votes or more:
– 1024 architecture – François Wunschel, Jason Cook, Pier Schneider (FR) – ‘WALKING Cube’ (127)
– Verena Friedrich (DE) – ‘THE LONG NOW’ (32)
– Michael Kugler (US) & Sebastian Wolf (DE) – ‘Brume’ (32)
– Bill Vorn & Louis-Philippe Demers (CA) – ‘Inferno’ (28)
– Lien-Cheng Wang (TW) – ‘Regeneration Movement’ (23)
The public award consists of the presentation of the work, in the course of next year, at a major European cultural centre or museum. This award goes indisputably to the artists collective 1024 architecture with their work ‘WALKING Cube’. “The ‘WALKING Cube’ is an erratic structure, a simple cube brought to life by a series of mechanical agitations. When animated, it becomes a basic shape turned animal. Performing with twerks and tweaks, it grows and it shrinks, it folds and kinks. The ‘WALKING Cube’ is the result of a collaborative research exploring physical movement. With the use of air-powered mechanics a composition of diverse transformations is prepared and executed with brutal force. It’s a demonstration presenting the chaotic possibilities in the deconstruction of a common and minimal form.”

Jury Award

Of the eleven international judges, eight have announced their judgment. Four artists received eight points or more:
– Michael Kugler (US) and Sebastian Wolf (DE) – ‘Brume’ (14)
– 1024 architecture – François Wunschel, Jason Cook, Pier Schneider (FR) – ‘WALKING Cube’ (9)
– Bill Vorn & Louis-Philippe Demers (CA) – ‘Inferno’ (8)
– Quadrature – Jan Bernstein, Juliane Götz, Sebastian Neitsch (DE) – ‘Satelliten’ (8)

The jury award thus goes to Michael Kugler (US) and Sebastian Wolf (DE) – ‘Brume’, who are awarded with the price of 5,000 EUR.
“Inspired by an encounter with dense, low-hanging mist in a natural landscape, fog emerges and self-organizes on the surface of a sculptural element, congealing with light into an elusive strata. The viewer becomes a catalyst for disturbances, revealing the spatial and temporal volatility of this phenomenon. ‘Brume’ operates in the margins between ubiquity and the finite, symmetry and the amorphous, transience and permanence; a gesture and poetic reflection on the paradox of immateriality.” The artists received a positive appreciation from four different judges. The proposed work responds to the requirements of the competition and its rules concerning the aesthetic use of new technologies, in response to contemporary values.

Award in collaboration with the STARTS-program of the European Commission

This award, consisting of a residence at an industrial enterprise or research centre, goes to the project ‘Growing Geometries (Tattooing Mushrooms)’ by Theresa Schubert (DE). “As an artistic research project, ‘Growing Geometries (tattooing mushrooms)’ investigates how processes inscribed into biological organisms can be used to create art – or more general a creative output. By using fungi membrane the artist studied the topology of mushrooms growths and showed how geometries can change naturally. The fungus is, therefore, not only the artist’s canvas, but also an artist itself.”


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