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Nominees New Technological Art Award 2012

In 2012, the Liedts-Meesen Foundation organizes Update_4 in the framework of the project Zebrastraat and following the first three update biennials.

In Update_4, we retained the philosophy of previous editions while putting some new accents. In the past, the exhibitions were associated with the New Technological Art Award Liedts-Meesen that could count on an increasing interest from the artists and the public. Our focus is now on the presentation of participants of the contest NTAA and comprises:

-a larger contribution of new technologies in the arts
-an increase in the number of nominees from 10 to 20
-a presentation on three sites instead of only one: the Zebra Street in Ghent, and La Cambre and and iMAL, both in Brussels.

The second part of the event consists of an exhibition by re-known artists in the field of technological art. On each of these sites, two or three well-known works of art will enhance the works of the nominees.

These two activities are substantively broadened with a symposium that will take place on November 15th till 17th. During three days, artists and theoreticians are invited to reflect on the contemporary art in relation to new media and technology, both with private and public moments. The traditional catalog accompanying the Update Award and exhibitions, will be enriched with texts and the proceedings of the discussions in this colloquium. The ceremonies of the jury award and the public award will be held on November 18th. The winners will be announced at the end of Update_4.

Update_4/NTAA Exhibition from September 22nd till November 18th, 2012 - Open from Wednesday to Sunday, 2 till 6 p.m.

Zebrastraat - Zebrastraat 32/001 - 9000 Gent - Belgium -
IMAL asbl iMAL vzw - 30 Quai des Charbonnages/ Koolmijnenkaai 30 - 1080 Bruxelles Brussel - Belgique België -
École nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre - 21 Abbaye de La Cambre - 1000 Bruxelles - Belgique -

Twenty artists have been nominated:

• Ambrioso Marcio, Brazil, 12i
• Cantoni Rejane & Crescenti Leonardo, Brazil, Tunnel
• Casas Constanza, Steyaert Pieter & C. Mitchell Mark, Chili, Belgium, Australia, The Creators
• Castro Juan Manuel, Colombia, Heliotropika
• Cirio Paolo & Ludovico Alessandro, Italy, Face to Facebook
• Décosterd Michel & André, Swiss, Cycloïd- E
• Dombis Pascal, France, Crack
• Fischer Ulrich, Swiss, Walking the edit
• Jacobs Aernoudt, Belgium, Miniatuur
• Janssen Wim, Belgium, Static
• Jeong Sion, South Korea, Karat
• Jiang Nova, New Zealand, Ideogenetic machine
• Lee HeeWon, South Korea, 108
• Levesque Julien, France, Street Views Patchwork
• Luque Sanchez Felix, Spain, Nihil Ex Nihilo
• Oblak Nika & Novak Primoz, Slovenia, Sisyphus Actions
• Schmitt Antoine, France, Pixel noir
• Stanza, United Kingdom, Capacities
• Urbonas Julijonas, Lithuania, Euthanasia Coaster
• Veillat Aline, France, Pas de deux en vert et contre

and four are kept in reserve:

• Borinski Juliana, Germany, LCD
• Rucki Eva, Freyer Conny, Noel Sebastien, Germany, Germany, France, Troika
• Sorenson Oli, USA, Antimap
• Wagon Gwenola, France, Globodrome

by an international jury:

• Alain Liedts (president of the Liedts-Meesen Foundation)
• Dirk De Wit (director BAM, Vlaams instituut voor beeldende, audiovisuele en mediakunst)
• Stef Van Bellingen (curator Zebrastraat, founder of VZW Warp, president of the Canvas Collection Contest)
• Jean-Marie Dallet (artist, curator, professor at the EESI (European School of Visual Arts, Angoulême-Poitiers, France)
• Yves Bernard (founder of the art organisation iMAL)
• Pierre-Yves Desaive (professor at La Cambre, art critic Flash Art, L'Art Même, art historian KMSKB-MRBAB)
• Nick Ervinck (artist, winner of the award of the public Update_2)
• Julien Maire (artist, winner of the jury award Update_2)

Motivation of the jury:
Some typical themes ca n be extracted from the more than 300 entries out of which 20 artworks have been selected. Despite the fact that our everyday perception is to a large extent dominated by virtual worlds and influenced by contemporary technology, several works can be categorised as belonging to the landscape type. Remarkably, however, is the processing of various parameters that makes the structure variable through a technical transfer, and transforms its experience into a multi-sensory one. Mapping in this context has not so much a cartographic meaning, but also stands for strolling, cruising or wandering. In a given geography this often translates into a (mechanical) choreography in which parameters such as light and sound are manipulated in an expressive way. The lucidity in a number of works has a counterpart in the reflection on finitude, death, and in a single case it opens itself to the cynical and hyperbolic contemporary euthanasia debate. Items such as identity and communications are an important content substrate in which data such as social networking, privacy, hacking, and spam are processed. The interactivity in many entries appeals to an active audience, often faced with choices or decisions to be taken.

The works have been selected between 337 entries from more than 40 countries worldwide:

Countries Number of participants (337) Number of nominees (24)
1) Belgium 23 3
2) The Netherlands 16
3) Italy 23 1
4) France 33 6
5) Germany 46 1
6) Austria 10
7) United Kingdom 25 1
8) Spain 14 1
9) Greece 2
10) Norway 2
11) Lithuania 1 1
12) Iceland 1
13) Sweden 4
14) Swiss 5 2
15) Turkey 1
16) Israël 16
17) Romania 2
18) Bulgaria 2
19) Ukraine 3
20) Czech Republic 2
21) Argentina 2
22) Uruguay 1
23) Brazil 8 2
24) Cuba 1
25) USA 35 1
26) Canada 14
27) South Korea 2 2
28) Indonesia 2
29) Japan 4
30) Singapore 2
31) Taiwan 4
32) Filippines 1
33) United Arab Emirates 1
34) South Africa 3
35) Australia 7
36) Finland 3
37) Portugal 2
38) Mexico 1
39) Ireland 1
40) Poland 1
41) Luxemburg 1
42) Slovenia 1 1
43) Hungary 1
44) Slovakia 1
45) Siberia 1
46) India 1
47) Jordan 1
48) Colombia 1 1
49) New Zealand 1 1
Totaal: 337 Totaal: 24

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